Cecilia Lagerwall

About me.

Currently I am finishing my master studies at Linköping University and cannot wait to get my first real job as a computer scientist. I am born and raised outside Stockholm and I would like to return to a city equal to what Stockholm has to offer. I am living for the pulse, the people and fast and innovative projects. I see myself as a part of an exciting and dynamic team which will be able to tackle all kind off creative challenges!
I want to be able go to a workplace that feels like I am going to a technical playground… EVERY DAY! Cheesy?! Of course, but also true!


Few projects which I have been a part of developing. Click on the headline to get more information about them. Some of them also have a link to GitHub or another site. LiU - Linköping Univeristy and EPFL-École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Visit my GitHub

Guest book - Interactive solution (LiU)

WeCan - Health app concept (EPFL)

Medusa - 3D Scanner (LiU)